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Reconfigure the Work Place

to COVID Standards

This COVID-19 pandemic will change our lives at home, while shopping and especially at work.

We have the unique designs, products and integration services to retrofit, or build new office environments to keep staff and visitors safe and well. 

The old open-office layout is incompatible with today's requirement for Social Distancing and limiting the spread of infectious disease.

Call us first for the latest in solutions for the office in the Post-COVID-19 era.  You do not want sick employees or the liability of old designs in a new world.

SDVOSB Materials, Technology & Supply LLC

 Award Winning,100% Service Disabled, 100% Veteran Owned, Small Business

SDVOSB Facility Support, and our team of trained professionals with 30+ years of experience assisting facilities managers and support personnel.   We have an extensive list of products and services that the facilities staff requires from energy saving products to cleaning to furniture and materials handling...and much more.


We have a full line of COVID-19 facility solutions plus more.

Our SDVOSB Thermal Camera Carts, Made in the USA, for use in lobbies and entrances for large scale, group scanning of elevated body temperatures using the advanced USA and European technology (BAA | TAA certified) that alerts staff to potentially feverous people in your facility for further testing.  Our system does not transmit sensitive personal information over the Internet to local networks or foreign countries. 

BEYOND GREEN: A Heavy Duty, Multi-Surface, Disinfectant & Cleaner & deodorizer. Beyond Green is a Cat IV, low
toxicity cleaner /disinfectant with no cautions or warnings, however, it provides 18 kill claims in 3 mins or less. Leaves
no residue or streaking.

EnviroCLEAN LINE: Microbially based products designed to clean hydrocarbons & petroleum-based grease & oils into CO2 & water. Safe for people and the planet.

EnviroCLEAN SURFACE CLEANER, DEGREASER & SPILL CONTROL: A safe cleaner & degreaser that breaks down petroleum grease & oil with EPA recognized Microbe Technology, into CO2 & water. Outperforms normal degreasers & cleaners with pH neutral, non-corrosive, odor & VOC free technology. Save for people, animals & environment. Can be used on flammable gas/oil spills to rapidly render them non-flammable. Oil is destroyed, allowing rapid drying, and eliminating slippery surfaces. Extends the life of mop heads up to 33%. Safe for all surfaces and can be used in all floor scrubbers.

EnviroCLEAN OIL ANNIHILATOR: Rapidly removes stubborn oil stains; both old and new. Penetrates, lifts, and breaks
down oil & grease stains. Outperforms standard stain removal methods. Converts oil & grease to CO2 & water.
Completely remediates the stain using EPA & OSHA approved ingredients. Removes oil stains from concrete and other surfaces, leaving no residue after rinsing.

EnviroCLEAN OIL DIGESTER: Digests hydrocarbons in groundwater, open water, and in soils. Contains both aerobic and anaerobic microbes which allow it to penetrate more deeply than other products to break down hydrocarbons into environmentally safe water and CO2.

EnviroCLEAN PARTS CLEANER: A powerful, concentrated bio-remediating parts cleaner which is safe for employees and the environment. No waste disposal costs, nor risks associated with normal toxic parts cleaning fluids. Supercharged microbes accelerate the bioremediation process. Comes in both liquid and powder form. Specialized parts cleaning cabinet is also available to replace existing equipment.

EnviroCLEAN ASPHALT REMOVER: A safe, environmentally friendly & very powerful alternative to diesel and citrus based products. Rapidly dissolves asphalt and tar and acts as a powerful release agent. Non-flammable and 100% biodegradable. Reduces or eliminates risk of contamination between successive loads when applied to dump beds.

EnviroCLEAN POND CONDITIONER: All-natural formula that converts ammonia to nitrogen gas & absorbs phosphorus, thus starving algae and biofilms in bodies of water. Digests the toxins released by dying algae resulting in a healthy
water body.

Our clients are in Office, Residential, Laboratories, Research, Education, Health, Community Support, Corrections, Laboratory, Living, Behavioral Health. We have a full suite of innovative furniture and appliances to plan, design, provide and install. 

Our logistics group has all that is required for material handling, shelving, lockers, storage, pallet racking, conveyor systems, and packing materials all the way to Crown forklifts.


Our cleaning division will professionally decontaminate and disinfect. Not with a mop and dirty water bucket, but a deep clean and sanitizing. Then we utilize Antimicrobial Protective Coatings in conjunction with an electrostatic misting application system to provide the best possible, continuing disinfection for your facility.

By using an electrostatic misting application system, we disinfect areas killing 99.999% of germs, bacteria, and viruses by wrapping around and bonding to surfaces, including electronic equipment. 

Our line of products are designed and formulated for the cleaning and bioremediation of hydrocarbon based products such as oil, gasoline and diesel fuel. These products use proprietary microbes to digest the fuels and convert them to their component parts.  No harmful substances are left behind to damage our environment.

Our GreaseGrabber product line is targeted at the food service industry with a line of environmentally friendly products that safely clean and digest organic based greases and oils.  These products also unitize specifically targeted microbes and are safe for the users and the environment.

Certified safe, our products and tested processes contain no triclosan, heavy metals, arsenic, titanium, or phenols. It is non-leaching, non-off-gassing.

  • Non-toxic, Odorless and Colorless when dry

  • Avoids “superbug” mutation, does not rely on poisons

  • Lasts up to 30 days based on abrasion

  • Can be used virtually anywhere and on any surface

  • Not formulated with Triclosans, Phenols, Solvents or heavy metals

  • U.S. EPA Registered, Third Party Efficacy Tested

Our SDVOSB Facility Support team specializes in making your life healthier.  Please get in touch ASAP, our schedule is filling up to protect your peers and their facilities. Call 917 216-9400 or better yet email


We are Certified as a Diversity Supplier by the VA, SBA, Ohio, California, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and New York

Registered with WAWF, Tungsten and the SAM system

CAGE: 7YX60  DUNS: 080887715 

Call us 917 216-9400

Great Grandfather Harry  


France WWI

Grandfather Bill



Afghanistan OEF

Harrison comes from a long line of service to America.
He, and his team, are committed to serve our clients, suppliers and partners with quality services and products.


Our first tests upon arrival to the Rockland Psychiatric Center campus facilities on 3-31-2020 were 8,337 RLU's; this is extremely high and of great concern for harboring COVID-19 along with other malicious organisms. This facility had regular cleaning by a janitorial contractor, and the reading was still very high in dangerous RLU levels.

After our team cleaned and disinfected using our MODERN 2-STEP COVID-19 PROCESS, the test results at the same locations was 0.00 (zero) RLU meaning the tests indicated the area was free of biological residues including the COVID-19 | SARS-CoV-2.


Keeping workers safe.

Harrison at Rockland Psych Center.jpg

On 3/16/2020, our advanced process was directly tested at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority against their current cleaning process. Results of the ATP test showed that the system's current cleaning and disinfecting brought their surfaces to a rating of 100 RLUs (Relative Light Units, units for measuring cleanliness) which means there is a significant contamination remaining. While our team's advanced process and treatment brought the surface to 0.00 (zero) RLUs, meaning that there is no contamination. Plus ours has the lasting protection for the barrier for up to 30 days.


Harrison Kendall, our 100% Service Disabled Combat Veteran CEO on site and leading the charge to battle the COVID-19.

Our dedicated team hard at work the night of 19 March 2020 serving our community by professionally cleaning and disinfecting the NYC transportation system.

SDVOSB Thermal Camera Systems

Safe and Healthy Workplace

Improved Customer Service

HIPPA and EEOC Compliant

FDA Cleared

Made in the USA


Diversity Supplier Certifications

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Elise Sutherland, Health Management Projects, Cerebral Palsy Associations of NYS

The quality of service and materials provided by your company ensured our ability to actualize our goal. We are grateful for your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail, collaboration, and accountability you have demonstrated regarding this intensely structured project.  We could not conduct our business without you! Due to our positive relationship with you, we would most certainly like to continue our work together and recommend your service to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship!

DASNY (Dormitory Authority of the State of New York) & Capital District Youth Center, Albany NY 

They did a great job and improved efficiency and cleanliness of the workspace since the first day.

Onur Oncer,  Laboratory Manager (retired),  University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) Lab at the Sarver Heart Center, and US Army Combat Veteran.

SDVOSB Materials gave us excellent service with an unparalleled solution for our lab, and they were great to work with. 

I highly recommend Harrison and his team.

James Hendon, Director Emeritus of the New York University Veterans Future Lab, currently the New York City Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Services, and US Army Reserve (Lieutenant Colonel)

Harrison Kendall's SDVOSB Materials is a fast-growing procurement, logistics and installation company that is part of the Veterans Future Lab business incubator. Their mission to support Disabled Combat Veterans through company growth, job creation and training is one we are proud to support through our program.

Go with the people who know facilities support,

Our Combat Veterans

"Our veterans put their lives on the line to defend our nation, and we must honor them and support them just as they supported us."

NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

"No veteran who fought for our nation should have to fight for a job when they come home."

Former U.S President, Barack Obama

"Veterans are mission focused, so give them an assignment and watch them it get done, correctly and on time." 

 Owner of Glacier Confections in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Army veteran, Bill Copeland






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