Reconfigure the Work Place

to NYS Phase 1 Standards

This COVID-19 pandemic will change our lives at home, while shopping and especially at work.

We have the unique designs, products and integration services to retrofit, or build new office environments to keep staff and visitors safe and well. 

The old open office layout is incompatible with today's requirement for Social Distancing and limiting the spread of infectious disease.

Call us first for the latest in solutions for the office in the Post-COVID-19 era.  You do not want sick employees or the liability of old designs in a new world.

SDVOSB Materials, Technology & Supply LLC

 Award Winning,100% Service Disabled, 100% Veteran Owned, Small Business

Prepare for the POST-COVID-19 Work Environment with Healthy Workplace furniture and accessories. 

DOWNLOAD a copy of the SDVOSB ALERT Healthy Workplace Furniture post COVID 19 Advisory 8apr2020   whitepaper prepared by CBRE. Click here.


Be a part of the battle to grow American business while utilizing our expert

American human resources - Service Disabled Veterans.

We have a duty to support our Veterans.  It's one

No handouts, just good business with experienced professionals

that you can trust. We are here to provide, protect and serve:

SDVOSB Furniture integrates innovative products and services to support facilities, space planning and procurement professionals with total solutions to help you be more efficient and productive. Retrofit and update your old or build new with people who know how to work on-time and on-budget...US Combat Veterans.

We plan, design, furnish and install a wide variety of furniture to enhance the rhythm and flow of life, work and play. From desks and chairs to deep-work chambers, collaboration enhancements, conference & training rooms, open spaces, quiet spaces, reception, library, lounge, privacy nooks, field offices, deep-break space, and outdoors, along with active and ergonomic furniture, we believe "Sitting is the new smoking." We can get your staff active.

Our clients are in Laboratories, Research, Education, Health, Community Support, Corrections, Laboratory, Living, Behavioral Health. We have a full suite of innovative furniture and appliances to plan, design, provide and install. 

Our SDVOSB Furniture support team specializes in making your life easier.

We are Certified by the VA, SBA, Ohio, California, Maryland, Virginia, Massachusetts and New York

Registered with WAWF, Tungsten and the SAM system


DUNS: 080887715

Great Grandfather Harry  

France WWI

Grandfather Bill



Afghanistan OEF

Harrison comes from a long line of service to America.
He, and his team, are committed to serve our clients, suppliers and partners with quality services and products.

Diversity Supplier Certifications

James Hendon, Director Emeritus  of the New York University Veterans Future Lab, currently the New York City Commissioner of the Department of Veterans Services, and US Army Reserve (Lieutenant Colonel)


Elise Sutherland, Health Management Projects, Cerebral Palsy Associations of NYS

The quality of service and materials provided by your company ensured our ability to actualize our goal. We are grateful for your efficient, gracious customer service, the level of detail, collaboration, and accountability you have demonstrated regarding this intensely structured project.  We could not conduct our business without you! Due to our positive relationship with you, we would most certainly like to continue our work together and recommend your service to other companies and contacts. Our team could not be more satisfied with your work, and we look forward to continuing this relationship!

Onur Oncer,  Laboratory Manager (retired),  University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson, induced Pluripotent Stem Cells (iPSC) Lab at the Sarver Heart Center, and US Army Combat Veteran.

SDVOSB Materials gave us excellent service with an unparalleled solution for our lab, and they were great to work with. 

I highly recommend Harrison and his team.

Harrison Kendall's SDVOSB Materials is a fast-growing procurement, logistics and installation company that is part of the Veterans Future Lab business incubator. Their mission to support Disabled Combat Veterans through company growth, job creation and training is one we are proud to support through our program.

Go with the people who know Planning, Design, Logistics and Integration

Our Combat Veterans

"Our veterans put their lives on the line to defend our nation, and we must honor them and support them just as they supported us."

NY Governor Andrew M. Cuomo

"No veteran who fought for our nation should have to fight for a job when they come home."

Former U.S President, Barack Obama

"Veterans are mission focused, so give them an assignment and watch them it get done, correctly and on time." 

 Owner of Glacier Confections in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Army veteran, Bill Copeland






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Our staff experience spans 35 years with projects ranging from $70,000 to $70,000,000 in product delivery and technology integration, and as a part of large construction projects from Boston to San Diego and Fairbanks to Miami.


- Planning

- Designing

- Integration

- Installation

- Maintenance 

- Management


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