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Forklift and Fleet Management

Our Truck, Vehicle and Forklift fleet management consists of the collection, analysis and use of relevant fleet information to build systems and integrate equipment to reduce costs and improve operator and vehicle productivity. We have earned a reputation as a leading supplier of world-class forklift, fleet management and material handling equipment.

Turn Key Systems and Intergration

Our specialty is "Turn Key" systems integration in Distribution Centers

and Warehouse for 3PL's, eCommerce, Manufacturers, Packaging, and Resellers.

We are experts in Automation, Conveyor Systems, Materials Handling, Sortation, Labeling, WMS, Weight & Routing, AI and Robotics. 

Racks, Storage and Shelving

Pallet racks, storage and shelving are the backbone of any warehouse, distribution center and manufacturing facility. We carry the most complete selection of products from the simple heavy duty to teardrop shelving and parts bins, to complex mezzanine systems.  We also have a full line of work-space furniture for assembly, packing and manufacturing.

Packing Material

We have a full line of  packing materials including:

  •   Corrugated boxes

  •   Flexible Packaging Film

  •   Labels & Ribbons

  •   Protective Packaging

  •   Shrink Film

  •   Strapping & Banding

  •   Stretch Film

  •   Tapes & Adhesives

  •   Carded Packaging

  •   Pallet Alternative

Automated Warehouse Management System

Our automated warehouse management system integration assists in expediting warehouse operations by adding the appropriate software, sensors, AI, cobots and robotics into daily processes. Valuable resources can be saved by decreasing product "touches", and costs associated with product packaging, weighting, dimensioning, routing, and transportation.


Our team has the experience and technical knowledge to work with you and properly design, select and integrate furnishings and technology utilizing a structured methodology to best suit your business and operations. 

 Office, Research, Classroom, Laboratory, Field, Dormitory, Assisted Living, Behavioral Health, Healthcare, Ergonomic, Active, Lounge, Waiting, Sit-Stand, Work Bench, Quiet Spaces, and more. We have a full suite of innovative lines of furniture to plan, design, provide and install.


Tel: 917 216-9400



Industry City

Brooklyn, New York 11232

Cape Coral, Florida 33991


Our staff experience spans 35 years with projects ranging from $70,000 to $70,000,000 in product delivery and technology integration, and as a part of large construction projects from Boston to San Diego and Fairbanks to Miami.


- Planning

- Designing

- Integration

- Installation

- Maintenance 

- Management


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